Garden v4 Live. Wen… v2?

The 4th iteration of Yield’s liquidity mining program will simply be a repeat of the last one. While the initial plan was to utilize either Ampleforth’s proposed Garden v2 or Sushiswap’s Onsen-combined liquidity program, neither of those are in a production-ready state. As usual, the pertinent details are:

  • duration: 60 days
  • reward pool: 7.5K YLD
  • time to 3x multiplier: 45 days
  • cooldown period: 10 days (during this period you cannot unstake/withdraw)
  • unstake fee: 1%

To participate, head over to (and don’t forget to hard refresh the page before interacting with it if you’ve participated before).

Wen Fantom? Wen Polygon? Yield v2?

The question at the top of people’s minds. For that, here’s a quote from our recent AMA with the AMP project:

Priority atm is v2 of the platform. Particularly reducing gas fees and automation of lending/borrowing. And because Fantom and Matic use the EVM, everything fits in like legos.

We have a roadmap on (it’s not necessarily tackled in the order they’re presented especially when taking dependency on 3rd-parties into consideration)

To reiterate, we’re focused on v2 of the Yield platform mentioned in the Q2+ period in the roadmap above. Proceeding in this manner is fits in better with a couple of other plans we have regarding Yield, quite a few of them learned after watching the current MVP version of Yield on mainnet. For those unaware, the core goals of v2 is pooling aka “automated lending and borrowing” and reduced gas fees. The latter goal covers the rest of the items on the roadmap.

But that’s enough from Yield. If you’ve been using the platform or, perhaps waiting for much lower gas fees to do so, what would you like to see in v2? Go ahead and tell us on telegram!

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