As Yield inches ever closer to its mainnet launch with the contracts currently being reviewed and optimized…

With the above in mind, going forward, only the ETH liquidity pool of YLD will be incentivized via the Garden. It’s become clear that having more than one pair at this stage of YLD’s existence is more detrimental than it is useful. But the more important news is that the next, and future, Garden programs will use Sushiswap LP tokens, not Uniswap.

The reason for moving to Sushiswap is three-fold:

  • laying the foundation for certain features that will be implemented in Yield post-mainnet
  • providing an additional buffer against IL via the Onsen program
  • restoring some sanity to the Yield market in light of garbitrage

To participate in the coming Garden, you will need to migrate your liquidity from Uniswap to Sushiswap. If you have WETH-YLD:

  • go to, connect your wallet, and then select “Wallet Type”
  • select “WETH-YLD” from “Your Uniswap Liquidity” options displayed
  • select “MAX WETH-YLD” in the textbox and then click the button.

If you have RFI-YLD Uniswap LP tokens, you will need to remove your liquidity from Uniswap which you can do here (drag the slider to 100%): After removal, swap the necessary token to what’s required and head over to to add liquidity as (W)ETH and YLD. Once that’s done you’ll be able to stake your Sushiswap LP tokens in Garden v2 launching in the next few days.

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