Ossification: Part 3

2 min readDec 29, 2022


The observation period has come to an end and Kanpeki is ready to be fully ossified. This represents the last and final act of “development” that will be carried out on the platform. That, naturally, has certain implications.


The KAE token will cease to be mint/burn-able (by non-contracts that haven’t been granted that ability). In other words, no person will be able to mint or burn KAE, and only contracts that have been designed to do so will henceforth have that ability.

Now-excess tokens of ~167K KAE that were optimistically allocated towards development will be burned beforehand as there is no future development left to be done.


As stated in prior parts, the ossification of the platform means it will no longer updatable — its immutable. Nothing can be added or removed under any condition. There are what should be obvious coercion-resistance benefits to this but, like most things, also downsides. The most obvious one being risk — if, hypothetically, someone discovers some first/third-party bug, this cannot and will not be fixed. This is a risk that should be taken into consideration when using the platform. Just as with the benefits, you are liable for the risks by virtue of using the platform.


While there currently exists a “canonical” UI, this is unmaintained and will eventually expire. Regardless, the contracts remain open to access to anyone directly ftmscan.com, and it will continue exist on the Fantom blockchain for as long as that exists. Users should consider commissioning UIs for access if they deem that necessary.

“Le Team”

From the start, the project was always described as a passion-project by a “ragtag community of some of the earliest backers of [a prior project]”. To that extent, not a single cent was taken from anyone to facilitate its development. In practice, however, this apparently never did quite take especially when conditions weren’t so euphoric. In hindsight, the market had changed quite a bit from what some of us closest to the prior project prioritized (or perhaps we were always naïve) — bluntly put, most today want to “make it” based off the hard-work of, and risk-taking by, “other people” or some central party while putting in little, if any, tangible effort to justify such entitlement. Needless to say, there was a disconnect as that is something we’re uninterested in.

In summary, there is no team. As this process reaches its completion, no one exists to perform any sort of maintenance on the platform as the platform is un-updatable. That was always the goal from the start and while it took a more winded process to get there, it’s finally here. Ossified.

What’s Next?

That will be all.




Kanpeki is an immutable, incentivized fixed-rate borrowing, and lending platform on the Fantom network