Ossification: Staking Update

1 min readSep 18, 2022


As part of the preparation for the final part of the Ossification process, the staking contract has been updated to introduce a relatively minor change in how a discounted account is determined. The current lack of activity allows this change to happen as it doesn’t disrupt anything.

The implication of this change is that you’ll need to unstake from the old contract before using the app again if you want your stake to count. Nothing will happen to your tokens if, for whatever reason, you refuse to do so but understand your old “stake” will count for nothing.


  • go to the contract page
  • click “Connect to Web3” and connect the wallet you staked with
  • scroll down until you see “unstakeForDeposits” and/or “unstakeForDebts”
  • the labels mean what they say so click “Write” under either (or both) that match your case and confirm the transaction(s)

After you do that, you can proceed to use the app as before.

What’s Next?

The preparation continues. That will be all for now.




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