Restarting Borrowing, Configuration Update, and New Asset Support

1 min readMay 17, 2022

The update to fix the issue with liquidations is complete and so, after exactly (coincidentally) a month, borrowing on Kanpeki is resuming.

Configuration Update

Given the fairly significant changes in the market since launch, the settings of a couple things in the app are proportionally increasing by 3x. Ideally, these changes would be automated but until a viable path towards that is clear, changes are manual.

This change affects the rewards due for borrowing as well as the amount of KAE (and the minimum amount of KAE) needed for staking. This can mean if, thus far, you’ve only staked the barest minimum, your current stake will almost certainly be insufficient for discounts going forward. Go to the app to familiarize yourself with the new figures and your status.

New Asset Support

As an observational — for lack of a better term — experiment, support for the WBTC token is being added. This means you can deposit it, as well as use it as collateral.

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Kanpeki is an immutable, incentivized fixed-rate borrowing, and lending platform on the Fantom network