The third, and longest, Yield Garden is live! To participate, you’ll need to be a liquidity provider in the ETH-YLD Sushiswap pool and then stake the liquidity tokens you receive over at You cannot stake just YLD. The Gardens serve as a liquidity incentivization program and, as such, only liquidity providers can participate.

Pertinent details about Garden v3:

  • duration: 60 days
  • reward pool: 7.5K YLD
  • time to 3x multiplier: 45 days
  • cooldown period: 10 days (during this period you cannot unstake/withdraw)
  • unstake fee: 1%, 0.75% if you unstake after 45 days

The reason this Garden is longer than the previous one is to give time for the planned v2 geyser contract from Ampleforth — the Yield Gardens use v1 — to be audited, released, and any unforeseen quirks smoothened out. Similarly, Sushiswap has certain developments in the works that will potentially allow us to combine the Garden and the Onsen liquidity programs.

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