Yield integrates with Chainlink

  1. Generating undiluted earnings — Since there isn’t a shared pool where interest is spread among various participants, each lender receives the total interest of a repaid loan in its entirety.
  2. Incentivizing individual borrowers — For every loan a borrower repays, they earn YLD tokens relative to the amount of interest they offered the lender and the amount they borrowed.
  3. Enabling fixed-rates — At loan creation, interest rates are hardcoded into the smart contract, so there’s no money-market dynamics to worry about; every loan has a fixed and guaranteed interest rate.
  4. Isolating protocol risk — Funds on our lending protocol are isolated to specific contracts for individual offers, requests, and loans, which means asset risk is taken on by individuals instead of by every single user. Additionally, since there’s not a single large pool of funds sitting in a few separate contracts, there is less incentive for someone to attempt to exploit our smart contracts.

Why Chainlink Price Oracles

  • Security — whatever option we could come up with ourselves is highly unlikely to be as robust and secure as Chainlink’s offering.
  • Data Quality — Chainlink pulls data from numerous high-quality data aggregators, providing volume-adjusted prices with market coverage across all relevant CEXs and DEXs. This makes their prices resistant to any one or small set of exchanges, API providers, or oracle nodes going offline or reporting faulty data.
  • Time-to-Market — building a custom oracle system would not only be expensive and result in something that’s not nearly as robust, but it’ll also increase the time it takes to release a usable product.
  • Extensive feeds — as is evident on https://data.chain.link, there’s an oracle feed for a great many crypto assets, and more keep being added.

Kanpeki is a fixed-rate lending dapp with incentivized borrowing & lending.

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Kanpeki is a fixed-rate lending dapp with incentivized borrowing & lending.

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