Yield Status Update

Code Review

As the month comes to an end, our code review/contract optimization is finally in its final stages. For the curious, no, no bugs were found in the scope of the review. The primary reason for the seemingly extended period was due to the upgrade of the version of Solidity (Ethereum’s programming language) used for the contracts — going from v5 to v7. As Solidity isn’t a backwards-compatible language, this necessitated a rewrite of the contracts. This upgrade also brought with it certain changes in how the contract was (and needed to be) optimized as many features were added to Solidity since the Yield dapp contracts were first written. These optimizations have thus far reduced gas fees by over 50%. It also means the connection — the “plumbing”, if you will — to the Yield UI has to be reworked.


The implication of the above is that the Yield mainnet will *ahem* soon be going live, this is slated to happen in the first week of March, 2021 (barring any unforeseen events). For those who don’t know or are confused about the meaning of “mainnet”, this doesn’t refer to the launch of some Yield blockchain akin to Ethereum (so-called “Eth killers”) but the launch of our fixed-rate, incentivized borrowing and lending platform (with support for over 30 assets at launch). You can learn more about Yield here.

New UI

For those who’ve been following us on telegram and/or twitter, you might’ve noticed certain screenshots/images posted. Those images are of the new, revamped Yield app interface that will be going live with the Yield mainnet. This revamp was initially planned to begin and go live after the mainnet which can be seen in the roadmap here but certain events, as well as the timeline for the review, gave us the opportunity to fast-track it. It’s turned out fantastically well and we’re eager to make it public!

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Kanpeki is a fixed-rate, incentivized borrowing, and lending dapp on the Fantom network