Yield (YLD) Airdrop — Round 2

The second YLD airdrop will happen 5 to 7 days from now. Unlike the first that was a claim-drop, this one will be an actual airdrop (you won’t have to interact with any contracts). The allocation for this round is 50,000 YLD tokens, of which 25K each will be airdropped to the top 100 YLD token holders and liquidity providers on Uniswap.

For the 25K YLD that will be airdropped to the top 100 token holders — this excludes the first wallet, the Uniswap pools, and this address — snapshots of the top list on Etherscan (link below) will taken at random times daily for 5 (or 7) days. The total share over that duration will be tallied and divided by the total duration to give the final % share. To account for potential gaming, YLD owned by a single individual split across multiple wallets in the top 100 count against the final tally. For example, assume SpongeBob’s share of YLD from the top 100 list over 7 days is 0.35%, 0.25%, 0.3%, 0.31%, 0.2%, 0.19%, and 0.2%. The final share of the 25K allocation will be 0.25%. For every extra wallet in the top 100 found to belong to a single individual, the share is subtracted from the day’s % until 0.

The process works similarly with the 25K to be airdropped to liquidity providers (top 100, should it reach that) on Uniswap but with a single difference. Since there are 2 pools, and the YLD-RFI pool is the genesis pool, 13.5K (tentative) YLD will be airdropped to liquidity providers there. The remaining 11.5K YLD will be airdropped to liquidity providers in the YLD-ETH pool. As above, random daily snapshots will be taken and the total share tallied.

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